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Cookies enable a web server to transfer data to a computer for record keeping and other ends. The website uses cookies and other technologies, among other things, to provide a better service by tailoring information and facilitating continued access to and use of during each visit.

Because of the type of cookies we use at, you do not need to give prior consent. We only use those cookies considered strictly necessary and for these two purposes:

Cookies of a technical nature: strictly necessary to ensure that the user can browse the website and to retain his or her preferences (e.g. language choice) during a single visit.

Cookies to provide a service expressly requested by the user (e.g. to fill in and send a contact form).

Nevertheless, if you do not wish information to be gathered through the use of cookies, most web browsers allow for a simple procedure to decline their use. If you do not permit the use of cookies, some functions of may not run correctly. You can learn more about cookies at